iPhone now? How ’bout now? now?

25 Nov

I seem to be the butt of many jokes amongst my friends. To be more accurate, my cell phone is really the butt of those jokes (but it doesn’t take long before the jokes ‘trickle up’ to me, the owner of said cell phone).

I have been looking at an iPhone for years. Really since they first hit the market.  I think the interface is so designed and thoroughly-thought out and I truly believe this device would indeed make some areas of my life easier.

But I have yet to own one.

Here’s my beef.

iPhone users need a data plan.

1) I don’t want a data plan.

The rest of the world says, “But if you had a data plan, you’d be able to check your email ANYWHERE!”

Ok, someone tell me why I need to be able to check my email anywhere. I am a business owner that already works many more hours per week than the standard corporate-employed work week.  I’m around devices and WiFi connections where I can, more often than not, get my messages. Many are spam or calendar reminders.  It’s cool.  Me and ’email anywhere’ would just be yet another distraction especially when my close family already burns me for being ‘not present when I’m present.’

2) My current phone works.

My current phone was purchased in 2006.  I got it “free” with a two-year contract. It was my first real cell phone actually. It still works.  It sends and receives text messages. It makes calls. It has, as far as I can compare, really great signal reception. so… it’s not necessary.

3) And finally, my current phone passes the durability test.  My current cell phone is a Nokia 6682. It’s a “bar phone” (I also have this disdain for having what everyone else has so in the age of the flip phone, I couldn’t take it; I had to have another form factor).

My phone has been left on top of my car, not just once, but twice! One of those times, it fell off and broke into four separate pieces.  (more on that here)  It will not quit.

When the time rolled around for the upgrade, my wife got another Nokia (hey, their reputation was an esteemed one in my book, so when upgrade time came around, it was a no-brainer). But her Nokia flip phone died.  The small collar of metal that encloses the tip of the charger completely came out! How cheap! This meant she couldn’t even charge the phone! It was useless!

So I thought, “I’m not going to even spring for another Nokia brand phone since the one I have happens to be a model that is darn near indestructible! They don’t make ’em like they used to!”

The take-away:
When my friends and peers are making fun of my phone (and me) but complain that they are strapped for cash for bills and expenses, it doesn’t make sense to me.

People poke fun at things that hit them where their insecurities are. Many people gossip and put others down because there is a high that comes with it. It even unites others because that’s what happens when you put a group of people together who agree on one thing.  And it’s not too difficult to find a group of people who have newer and better phones than I do.

Don’t get me wrong: some respect my decision to have held onto a device for so long. But the savings of approximately $1800 over the last six years makes me just fine with this decision. I will upgrade. That’s inevitable. I just refuse to allow others to pressure me to do so when they are not a stockholder.

How about you? Have you held out on a particular model of cell phone in order to keep from being a part of the “this-20-dollar-hike-in-your-bill-is-now-very-normal” scheme? Have you found a work-around?  Let’s hear ’em.

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