The I Like What I Have Blog Open House

12 Aug

Welcome to a blog on a new topic – or at least a topic that’s not very often discussed in this day and age in the United States of America.  So what’s the topic?


Nah. That’s not really new or unique, now is it? Maybe, I should say this blog’s overall theme is more accurately: being content. That’s /Kuhn – TENT/ not /KAHN – tent/

Are people in this world content? I didn’t suggest being “complacent” but I’m talking about being content with what they have… both the ‘things’ and the ‘relationships’ they experience everyday.

This blog’s mission is to do several things.

It will go head-to-head… it will spit right in the face of this contemporary worldview that the things money can buy also makes us content and gives us true happiness.

To candidly elaborate on the things that pull us away from what’s really important in our lives.

Some expectations and ground rules:

  • Comments will be approved by a blog administrator and
  • cannot contain cussing or swearing. Stay classy.
  • Nor can they demean or slander other commenters. I’ll not have it. Play nice. (Though, I’m seriously curious what could possibly erupt on topics such as what’s to come).
  • The lessons will be few, but the stories will be many. Readers will learn again and again about things that truly matter and what simply brings short-lived glorification.

And some goals of this blog:

  • To empower people to save money
  • To empower people to save time
  • To empower people to take a stand when they start to feel themselves getting sucked into the “keeping-up-with-the-Jone’s” mindset seeping into their psyche
  • To bring some coolness back into saving money…
  • To empower readers to have flexibility, freedom, control over situations and to minimize stress (from liking what they have and resisting the urge to want more)
  • To empower people to say, “It’s ok that I don’t own the latest thing; what I have works and that’s all that’s necessary.”

I am the type that likes to be so thorough that it often inhibits me from producing something (i.e. regularly contributing articles). So… I feel like I could go on and on but let’s go ahead and get this party started.

Welcome to the I like what I have blog.

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