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Flat response on a flat screen

10 Jul

So many of our guests are surprised to discover we don’t have a flat screen television in our living room. The “flat screen” has been on the market for years now, maybe almost a decade but we still sport the 26″ Phillips|Magnovox CRT TV in our living room that we received as a wedding gift […]

Yeah, you shouldn’t Buy This, says the sales associate

20 Feb

I worked retail only one time in my life. I’m grateful for the experience; I kinda feel like everyone should work a retail job at some point in their life (better to do so before 30 years of age… that’s my opinion).  I learned a lot at this worldwide retail chain and fortunately, I had […]

iPhone now? How ’bout now? now?

25 Nov

I seem to be the butt of many jokes amongst my friends. To be more accurate, my cell phone is really the butt of those jokes (but it doesn’t take long before the jokes ‘trickle up’ to me, the owner of said cell phone). I have been looking at an iPhone for years. Really since […]

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